Optician Training and Certification in Colorado

Colorado is one of twenty-two states that do not have a government agency that establishes optician training, certification, or licensing requirements. These states generally leave the decision as to optician training and experience expectations for employers to decide. Because there are many types of employers in these states, it is fairly common to encounter a wide variety of optician knowledge and skill sets. Most optical employers in these states will elect to have new opticians trained by senior opticians.

Large optical employers that focus a lot on retail sales and office efficiency may only train opticians to sell product and perform minor adjustments; whereas, smaller boutique employers may require opticians to perform a comprehensive set of tasks. Opticians who have only received basic training may need to expand their understanding of the industry if they wish to work for a smaller optical business. The smaller optical employers may also encourage opticians to become certified by the American Board of Opticianry (ABO) and the National Contact Lens Examiners (NCLE). These organizations are nationally recognized as the standard for optician competence assessment and there are some important benefits that come with certification.

All opticians, regardless of where they work, should consider how voluntary certification can advance their careers. First, certified opticians typically receive higher starting salaries and better benefits. Credentialed opticians have demonstrated that they have a comprehensive understanding of the industry and require less training and support. Optical employers also value certification because they know that many customers prefer to be helped by individuals who they know are competent. Certified opticians are also an asset to an optical business because they can be used as a marketing advantage over the competition in an effort to attract and retain customers.

Optician Training in ColoradoCertified opticians also have more job opportunities because they can transfer their credentials to any state regardless of government requirements. This is important for opticians who decide to move to a regulated state at some point in their career. Prior certification often means that an optician can be licensed in a regulated state through reciprocity. Opticians who have no credentials may be required to complete a degree program, an apprenticeship, or the ABO and NCLE exams before being licensed.

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Opticians: Part-Time Low-Vision Client Advocates

Want to use your optician training to help people who are legally blind actually see?

eSight has developed a new, patented engineering breakthrough: electronic glasses that let people with low-vision actually see. It may sound too good to be true, so check out the amazing impact of eSight Eyewear at www.MakeBlindnessHistory.com.

Our technology is changing the lives of people with low vision by leveraging innovations in wearable computing and augmented reality displays. eSight is a non-invasive, mobile, head-mounted device that offers functional vision to people with vision loss – in any setting and for any task.

The eSight story has gone viral on the web and in media ranging from the ABC Evening News with David Muir, to the Discovery Channel, the Rachel Ray Show and Dr. Oz. Now, thousands of people with low-vision across the U.S. have asked to try eSight Eyewear and see if it works for them.

We are searching for dedicated and empathetic eye care professionals who are willing to help us demonstrate and dispense eSight to clients in locations throughout the US.

Here are the basic responsibilities:

1. First, we teach you about low-vision and eSight Eyewear through a combination of web-based tools and hands-on training in your local market by an eSight expert.

2. Second, working from our list of screened low-vision clients who have asked to try eSight, we schedule one hour blocks of time for you to demonstrate eSight Eyewear one-on-one, either in a local office or at the client’s home. (Many people with low-vision have limited access to transportation, so we go to them if that helps them. So, you must have access to a car to be considered for this position, as some local travel will be necessary.)

3. Third, if the client decides to buy eSight, we want you to dispense the Eyewear after we have customized it for them, usually several weeks after you do a client’s initial demo.

Initially, a Low-Vision Client Advocate will be a part-time independent contractor. It’s the perfect opportunity for someone seeking interesting, fulfilling work that leverages their professional training while supplementing their income. Over time, as our company grows, you might want to join eSight as a full-time employee.

In summary, we are searching for opticians (licensed, if required by your state) who have:
•       A burning need to help build something new, exciting and important to society
•       A good attitude and strong work ethic
•       A good head and a compassionate heart
•       Above-average intelligence
•       An outgoing personality, able to create ongoing positive relationships
•       Keen listening skills
•       The ability to learn new things quickly
•       A willingness to patiently educate and advocate for our new technology
•       A team player

If you are interested in helping to make blindness history, please email your resume to ClientAdvocates@eSightEyewear.com

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    Do you need to be currently working for an optical practice in order to take the ABO/NCLE certification exam?

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    What does my Arizona state license do for me in Colorado?

  3. john williams
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    I would like to take the ABO Certification Exam this Spring. Can you give me the details?


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