Optician Training and Certification in Alaska

Alaska is one of only twenty-three states that require optician licensing by law. Rules and regulations regarding optician training requirements, licensing, and certification are established by the Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing within the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development. The following information will be relevant to you if you are wanting to be licensed as an optician in the state of Alaska.

Licensing: Sec. 08.71.080 – Sec. 08.71.165

A person may not act as a dispensing optician in the state unless the person is licensed under this chapter. A license shall be issued for (1) the dispensing of contact lenses, or (2) the dispensing of other lenses, eyeglasses, spectacles, artificial eyes, and their appurtenances, or (3) both. The department shall by endorsement on the license designate for which aspect of dispensing opticianry the license is issued.

Educational Requirements:

  • Education equivalent to four years attendance at a high school
  • Has either 1,800 hours of training as an apprentice or has been engaged for at least 1,800 hours as a practicing optician within the United States
  • Has passed a course designated, by the department, as being acceptable:
  • Graduation from an approved associate degree program in opticianry may be substituted for the experience requirement

Examination Requirements:

Optician Training in AlaskaFees and Forms:

  • Application fee for initial license, $50
  • License fee for biennial period, $200
  • Biennial license renewal fee, $200
  • Apprentice registration fee, $175
  • Apprentice registration change, $50


Alaska does offer licensure through established credentials. They will want to see evidence that your prior training, licensure, and work experience meets or exceeds the requirements currently established by the state.

State Rules and Regulations:

A person with a valid license as a dispensing optician from another state, territory, district, or possession of the United States with licensing requirements substantially equivalent to or higher than those of this state shall be issued a license under this chapter for those professional areas in which the person is licensed in the other jurisdiction upon payment of any fee and documentation that the department may require by regulation.

Delegation and Optician’s Assistants

The fact that an individual has not been licensed as an optician by the state of Alaska does not mean that they cannot perform opticianry tasks. It simply means that they must be supervised by a licensed physician, optometrist, or dispensing optician.

State Contact Information

Phone:          (907) 465-2695
Fax:              (907) 465-2974
Alaska State SealEmail:           nathan.vallier@alaska.gov

P.O. Box 110806     Juneau, AK 99811-0806

Web Site:     Alaska Dispensing Opticians Program

State Association:   Opticians Association of Alaska

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    Amy Prenatt March 12, 2014 at 2:24 pm | | Reply

    Do licensed opticians need continuing education hours to keep their license valid? If so, what is the requirement per year?

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    Amy Prenatt

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