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Optician Training serves a diverse readership of individuals who are interested in advancing their careers as opticians. The topics here cover every aspect of what it takes to be a successful optician: education, training, certification, hands-on experience, and more. The site was designed to be a free resource for readers who want to find out more about training programs in their area as well as valuable training resources that they will need to enter the profession.

Optician Training can work with your company to create a custom sponsorship plan that meets your needs. Options could include:

  • Act as a spokesperson or media representative for your blog.
  • Custom content for your brand’s website or Facebook page.
  • Facebook giveaways and other campaigns.
  • Custom content on Optician Training to support your existing campaign.
  • Your brand and Optician Training create custom campaign.

Why Sponsor Optician Training?

We receive hundreds of page views each and every day from individuals who want to pursue a career as an optician, but who do not know where to start. Our objective is to meet the needs of our visitors by providing free and easy-to-access information that is both comprehensive and relevant to their situation. We know that in order to accomplish our goal, we need to make the information we provide available for free.

We realize that in order to continue to benefit our readers, we need a consistent source of revenue that can compensate our contributors for their time and efforts. One way that we generate income is through the placement of Google Adwords Advertising. Another source of income is through sponsorship from important companies within the vision industry.

OpticianTraining.org is The #1 Online Resource For Optician Training Information. It ranks at the top of search engine rankings and attracts readers who are interested in:

  • Training Requirements
  • Degree Programs
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities
  • Certification Examinations
  • Exam Review Materials
  • Continuing Education
  • Allied Eye Care Professions and much more

If your company provides products or services to these individuals then you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to reach them through OpticianTraining.org!

Google Analytics Statistics

Since we first made OpticianTraining.org live back in October 2012, we have seen monthly increases in traffic of between 25 – 50%. Over a period of only 10 months, we have gone from zero visitors per day to an average of around 130 unique visitors per day within the United States. As we continue to add valuable content for our readers, we anticipate that we will continue to experience a very healthy increase in traffic.

Optician Training Statistics

The value of the content that we provide is demonstrated by the fact that our visitors spend, on average, over four minutes on the site and read through 3.5 pages per visit. Approximately 75% percent of our readers find us through Google search engine results and 90% of our readers are located within the United States. This means that your sponsorship efforts will receive highly targeted traffic that is located within your primary market.

Optician Training DemographicsSponsorship Opportunities

We value the trust that our readers place in us and the information we make available. Our goal is to maintain that trust by only linking to products and services that represent high value to individuals seeking to pursue a career as an optician and those who are already working in the industry. We know, from experience, that eye care companies are important partners in our efforts to provide the highest level of eye care possible to patients and eye wear consumers. As a reflection of the value that companies create, we offer a limited number of sponsorship opportunities to those companies that we feel represent significant value within the industry.

We do charge a small fee for companies who wish to take advantage of our sponsorship opportunities. This fee accomplishes a couple of important objectives. First, it ensures that only companies who are serious about their products, services, and target market benefit from our traffic. Second, it provides a source of revenue that allows us to continue investing significant time and effort in providing valued information to our readers.

In an effort to maintain the professional integrity of OpticianTraining.org, we only allow sponsorship links in the sidebar on the right of each page directly below the images of the training resource links. The link must be an image of your company logo. Your sponsorship will consist of the image containing a link to a page of your choice on your company website. The link image will appear in the sidebar of every page on our website as seen in the image below.

Optician Training Link ImageSponsorship Fee

The current sponsorship fee is $25 per month.

How to Signup For a Sponsorship Opportunity

Becoming a sponsor is easy! All you need to do is use the button below to signup for a membership. This button will direct you to a Paypal page where you will be able to enter your payment information. The Sponsorship Fee will be deducted from your account each month and will show up as Optician Training on your account statement. Upon completion of the signup process, you will be given the option to return to the optician training site. If you click this link from the Paypal payment page, it will take you to a page on our site where you can submit your sponsor image and sponsor URL link. We value your support and will do whatever is necessary to make sure you are satisfied.

How to Unsubscribe From Your Sponsorship

We realize that companies may need to cut back on their expenses and may not be in a position to continue their sponsorship with us. While we hate to lose your support, we also understand the frustration that comes with not being able to easily figure out how to cancel a subscription. That is why we have provided a convenient unsubscribe button that you can use to quickly and easily cancel your subscription. Please feel free to contact us via email if you need further assistance.