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Ophthalmic Technician Job Description

Tasks included in the standard ophthalmic technician job description are generally to assist the optometrist and physician with the ongoing management of patients. While unlicensed personnel are not qualified to exercise any advanced medical judgment, there are many routine activities that are essential to patient care and are delegated. The tasks assigned to a technician help to maintain efficiency and ensure that a high level of comprehensive care is provided to the public.

Most people who work in this profession begin their career as an assistant since it is the main entry-level option available to unlicensed ophthalmic personnel. Common duties delegated to the assistant do include things like collecting visual acuity measurements, recording medical and surgical histories, administering ocular medications, performing refractometry, providing patient education, assessing intraocular pressure, testing the pupils, and coordinating patient flow. Other tasks may be added based on the specific needs of the employer and the types of patients that are … Click Here to Continue Reading

Certified Ophthalmic Technician

A certified ophthalmic technician is an eye care provider who is responsible for many tasks associated with patient management. In most work arrangements, individuals in this profession are directly supervised by a licensed optometrist or an ophthalmologist who provides direction on tasks that need to be completed. Individuals who want to pursue this career path will need to work as an assistant for a few years and may be expected to become certified as a condition of long-term employment and to be able to benefit from advancement opportunities.

Employment Activities

People who work in this field are a diverse group of employees who are able to perform several different tasks involved in the medical evaluation and management of patients suffering from vision problems. Initial employment as an assistant will allow individuals to acquire the unique knowledge and skills they need to carry out clinical duties such as assessing visual acuity, documenting of medical histories, providing … Click Here to Continue Reading

Optometric Technician Salary

The optometric technician is an important member of the eye care team who helps to support licensed providers by performing tasks required for the effective evaluation of all patients. The optometric technician salary reflects the value that an individual adds to an organization and is competitive compared to several allied health options. Those considering this career opportunity are encouraged to become familiar with the profession and the many elements that can influence their earning potential before seeking employment.

Common Work Responsibilities

There are a number of patient care tasks that a technician can expect to be responsible for including tonometry and tonography testing; measuring visual acuity; documenting medical and surgical histories; visual field tests; administering ophthalmic medications; the operation of autorefractors, retinoscopes, and phoropters; sterilizing and preparing surgical instruments; measuring axial length and corneal curvature; recording of lens power using a lensometer; providing customer service; communicating with coworkers and advanced medical providers; working with electronic … Click Here to Continue Reading